Dynabook P1K1PPTG Gold dynabook K1 [Laptop 10.1 type / Win10 Pro / Office installed]

★ 10.1-inch 2in1 detachable that is easy to use on both tablets and PCs. Let’s start by getting used to it.

Programming education at elementary schools, which will be compulsory from 2020. First of all, what kind of personal computer is suitable for acquiring IT literacy and developing the ability to solve problems? “Easy to learn computer skills” “Easy to improve learning effect” “No worries about slipping off the desk” … K1 was born after listening to such voices from the teachers. With a 10.1-inch compact body, you can firmly learn keyboard and mouse operations. You can use it as a tablet by removing the removable keyboard. It has an independent design and can be used stably. Let’s start by getting used to the computer with K1.

★ Practice typing with an easy-to-type keyboard.

The detachable keyboard has a key pitch of 17 mm and a key stroke of 1.2 mm to ensure a solid keystroke feeling. The key top alphabet print is also located in the center for easy viewing. In addition, it supports the web application “Poco Typing” that allows you to learn typing (keyboard input) as if you were playing a game (you need to be connected to the network to use it). You can continue practicing while having fun.

★ Includes an easy-to-use wireless mouse.

Learn how to use the mouse. The K1 comes with a dedicated mouse for wireless connection. Communication is more stable than with a Bluetooth connection, and you can set the cursor movement to your liking. You can also practice while having fun with the app “Para-chan Cafe” where you can learn mouse operations.

★ Robust body that can be used with confidence for a long time.

It is a robust design designed assuming various troubles for children to use. (We do not guarantee no damage or failure)

★ Equipped with two cameras on the front and back. It can be used for learning.

If you remove the keyboard, it becomes a tablet that weighs about 610g. You can use the two high-quality cameras on the back (about 5 million pixels) and the front (about 2 million pixels) for observation recording and online English conversation learning.

★ Equipped with Office apps that are always useful.

Pre-installed “Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019”. If you master how to use it, it will be useful from the upper grades to work as a member of society.

★ Nurture “thinking power” by pen (optional) input.

Handwriting input with a pen enhances the learning effect and fosters “thinking power”. The K1 that can be used with a pen is effective for handwriting learning that allows children to acquire the ability to think. The thickness and shading of lines can be expressed according to the pen pressure, providing a natural writing feel that feels like writing on paper with a pen.


* Body size (width x height x depth) mm: [when connected to keyboard] approx. 249.0 (width) x 186.7 (depth) x 18.7 (height) mm
* Body weight: [when connected to keyboard] approx. 1.18 kg
* Monitor size : 10.1 type
* Monitor resolution: 1280 x 800 dots
* OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
* Office software: Microsoft Office Home & Business 2019
* CPU: Intel Celeron N4020
* Number of cores: 2 cores / 2 threads
* Operating frequency: 1.10GHz
* Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 600 (Built-in CPU)
* Storage: 128GB Flash memory
* Memory: Memory: 4GB
* Maximum memory capacity: 4GB
* Number of memory slots: 0 slots (cannot be replaced or expanded)
* Optical drive: None
* Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11ac / a / b / g / n
* WEB camera: Number of effective pixels Front: Approximately 2 million pixels, Back: Approximately 5 million pixels
* Touch panel: Supported
* Supported SIM size: Not supported
* Interface: [ Tablet]: Microphone input / headphone output terminal x 1, USB Type-C connector x 1 [Keyboard]: USB 2.0 x 2
* Battery drive time: Approximately 16.0 hours
* Announcement time (model): Spring 2020 model
* Accessories: AC adapter, power cord, instruction manual, warranty card, wireless mouse (laser type, USB connection) (1 battery <AA> included), etc.
* Bluetooth wireless technology Ver5.0 compliant
* SD card slot: 1 slot (microSD)

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